About us


The company was started in 1923 by Mr A. Gardenbroek as the Gardenbroek’s Veevoederfabriek. In 1958, the factory began to produce calfmilk replacer. The product is still be made under the name Navobi, which was taken from the phrase NA VOlle BIest (after full beestings).

In the early ’80s, Navobi acquired all shares in the Ekro calf slaughterhouse and the Oukro hide processing factory in Apeldoorn. After divesting mixed feed production in the mid-’80s, modernisation of the production process began in 1987 in the form of an entirely new facility to produce calfmilk replacer.

Since 1994, Navobi has been part of the VanDrie Group. Production is destined for group companies as well as third parties at home and abroad.

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