Focus on the chain: testing and lab work

Guaranteeing food safety is an important objective for the VanDrie Group. Our veal has to be safe as well as delicious.

Labora, our own certified laboratory, plays an important role in the business chain. Labora conducts numerous tests on vegetable ingredients, roughage, water and meat products. The laboratory is ISO 17025 certified. This mean that Labora’s quality systems, both administrative and technical, are arranged and managed properly.  Dineke Van Voorst – Van Donkersgoed is an analyst at Labora. She explains, “We analyse all incoming and outgoing products, and by doing so, we keep a close eye on quality. Moreover, we look beyond the calf feed. The veal product must be safe when it leaves our slaughterhouses, but it also needs to remain safe as it waits to be prepared in the kitchen. We analyse products for a wide range of microbiological values. In this way, we lay the foundation for safe veal for the consumer. After all, to measure is to know.” 

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